Assalāmu’alaykum wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuh,

‘Ibād-ur-Rahmān (Slaves of The Most Merciful) is a website created with the purpose of spreading the teachings of the respected and honourable Hadhrat Muftī Ibrāhīm Raja Sāhib (dāmat barakātuhum), with permission and under the guidance of Hadhrat himself. It is also to reflect on the lives and teachings of our Akābirīn (Allāh have mercy upon those that have passed and preserve those that are still with us, āmīn).

‘Ibād-ur-Rahmān (Slaves of The Most Merciful) are a special group of people that Allāh has mentioned in Sūrah al-Furqān upon whom He has bestowed this honourable title. Allāh describes them to possess the qualities of humbleness and piety. They call unto Him in the depths of the night and they spend the days occupied in that which attains His pleasure.

It is the qualities of these slaves of ar-Rahmān (The Most Merciful) that respected Hadhrat Mufti Ibrāhīm Raja Sāhib (dāmat barakātuhum) possesses, as did those pious individuals that have passed and as do those that are, by the fadhl (grace) of Allāh, still amongst us.

Inshā-Allāh, it is the intention that through this monthly blog we can attain benefit from the teachings of the slaves of The Most Merciful and help us in our journey towards striving to become amongst ‘Ibād-ur-Rahmān.

Allāh accept this blog, fulfil its intended purpose and allow it to be a means of benefit (āmīn).

About Hadhrat Muftī Ibrāhīm Raja Sāhib (dāmat barakātuhum):

Muftī Ibrāhīm Raja Sāhib (dāmat barakātuhum) is a Sunni (Hanafi) Scholar in the UK, teaching in the world famous Islāmic institute, Dārul ‘Uloom Al-‘Arabīyyah Al-Islāmīyyah in Bury, Manchester. He is a teacher of Hadīth, Fiqh and Tafsīr and is also highly acquainted with the art/teachings of Tasawwuf and Tarīqah. Hadhrat Sāhib also teaches Bukhāri Sharīf and Sunan Abī Dāwūd to female students in Blackburn, Lancashire where he also lives.

Hadhrat has received ijāzah in Hadīth from various prominent ‘Ulamā including Shaykh Muftī Taqī ‘Uthmāni (dāmat barakātuhum). Hadhrat has been bestowed with the mantle of Khilāfat by Hadhrat Maulānā Yūsuf Motālā Sāhib, Shaykhul Hadīth Hadhrat Maulānā Saif-ur-Rahmān Sāhib and Shaykhul Hadīth Hadhrat Maulānā Hāshim Patel Sāhib, the founder and co-founder of Dārul ‘Uloom, Bury (Allāh preserve them all, āmīn).

Hadhrat Muftī Sāhib (dāmat barakātuhum) is a true embodiment of the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ in every aspect of his life. His character is like that of Rasūl-Allāh ﷺ; he is kind, generous and has an immense amount of fikr (concern) for those whom he knows and does not know. Hadhrat possesses a vast amount of knowledge and his teachings truly penetrate the heart, however he still remains extremely humble and fearful of Allāh. It is truly a blessing of Allāh to have such a walī amongst us.


Allāh preserve Hadhrat Muftī Ibrāhīm Raja Sāhib (dāmat barakātuhum) and allow us to take benefit from him (āmīn).